About Us

New Communities' credo is simple: respect, independence, and personal growth.

From our beginnings as a single assisted living facility in southern Maine, New Communities has continued to increase in depth and breadth of programs and services for people with special needs who want to be as independent as possible and participate as fully as they can in every facet of their lives.

Today, across much of Maine, we offer a broad spectrum of support and a bridge to whatever level of future care might be needed, up to 24/7 living assistance. The most important thing is that the individuals being served - a senior dealing with physical dependencies or loss of cognitive function, someone living with mental health issues, or a person with an intellectual disability - decide when to cross that bridge, and at what pace. Their goals are our goals, whether it's reducing dependency, increasing participation in community activities, remaining at home as long as possible, or other outcomes related to cognitive, emotional, and physical well being.

We will consider our efforts successful only when our clients tell us we have helped them meet their goals.

Our Approach

We provide safe and supportive living environments for a wide variety of residents and clients living in communities all around Maine. We do this through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, innovative approaches and practices, and a staff committed to setting the standard for quality, compassionate care designed to help people live with assistance.

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"We're not just a place to live, we offer a sense of community and home."

  • Maureen Conley,
    President & CEO of New Communities

Our Mission

We create supportive communities and deliver innovative services for seniors and people with disabilities.