Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Communities

Homes for Adults with IDD

New Communities provides structured, community-based residential programs for individuals facing life challenges of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism spectrum disorder, and brain injury. We specialize in helping people that may have the complexity of challenging behaviors, mental health diagnoses, or forensic backgrounds. We strive to provide quality care and services that support and encourage our residents to achieve their individualized goals. Our therapeutic, habilitative and intervention services focus on assistance in the following areas:

  • Guiding, directing, and overseeing the performance of self-care and self-management of activities;
  • Promoting development of independent living skills;
  • Developing socially appropriate behavior and interpersonal skills including increasing self-esteem and daily coping skills;
  • Activities that support personal development and well-being; and
  • Community integration and inclusion

Dedicated and Highly Trained Staff

New Communities' staff are trained and certified Direct Support Professionals that provide services in a variety of residential settings including our New Communities' homes which are staffed 24/7. Our team provides services aligned with the individual's approved plan and are able to administer and monitor all client medications, coordinate medical appointments and work and day programs, and ensure appropriate transportation. The New Communities' team works diligently to support clients in being involved and active members of their community.

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Homes for Adults with IDD

In-home Supports

Community Supports

"When one resident began living at New Communities home, he isolated himself and would speak in one word answers. Smiles and laughing were signs of distress and a warning of dangerous behavior... he is now a valued participant at his work program and is socially appropriate and engages with customers, listens to others and has been initiating activities as well as conversations with his peers and staff."

  • New Communities Team Leader